When looking for a new vehicle these days, safety is one of the top concerns for car shoppers. Chevrolet puts your mind at ease when you're behind the wheel with their available advanced safety technology. The comprehensive and innovative approach to safety aims to help keep you safe before, during, and after a collision occurs. The Prevent, Protect, Respond philosophy drives Chevrolet in its efforts to achieve outstanding vehicle safety.

Availability varies between models and trim levels - Consult one of Jeff Gordon Chevrolet's Certified Technology Experts for more information.


Driver Confidence Package I

Front Pedestrian Braking uses the Forward Collision Alert camera sensor to help detect pedestrians. This feature operates at speeds below 50 MPH with a 40-meter daytime range (limited night-time performance.) An amber pedestrian notification icon displays in the instrument panel if a pedestrian is detected. A red warning alert flashes in the windshield if a collision is imminent. The system provides hard or moderately hard braking if the driver doesn't apply the brakes.

Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist works at speeds above 37 MPH. It uses a camera-based system that acts like the human eye to read visible lane markings and detect with the vehicle is unintentionally departing. Lane Keep Assist gently nudges the steering wheel to move the car back into the lane.

Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert utilizes radars to help the driver keep an eye on vehicles in the side blind zones.  The system indicates when a vehicle is present with an icon in the outside rearview mirror. An icon flashes if the driver activates his or her turn signal in the direction of a detected vehicle. Lane change alert uses the same radar technology as Side Blind Zone Alert but looks further back - up to 25 meters. It helps detect fast-approaching vehicles in the next lane over, such as passing vehicles.

Forward Collision Alert monitors the vehicle directly ahead at speeds above 25 MPH. The system issues 2 types of alerts: A tailgating alert if the driver is following the vehicle ahead too closely, or a crash imminent alert if the driver is approaching the vehicle ahead too fast and may be seconds away from a collision.

Following Distance Indicator  helps monitor the following gap (or distance) to the vehicle ahead & allows the driver to select the following time in seconds from the vehicle ahead and displays it in the Driver Information Center. 

Front & Rear Park Assist uses ultrasonic sensors to provide alerts & adds to the rear-vision camera system when backing up. 

Intellibeam uses an optical sensor integrated into the interior mirror mounting to recognize the headlamps or taillamps of other vehicles on the road.

Driver Confidence Package II

(Includes all items from Driver Confidence I Package plus the following features.)

Adaptive Cruise Control uses the forward-facing radar system to automatically brake (up to moderate levels) or accelerate the vehicle to maintain a following gap time to the vehicle ahead. This allows the driver to adjust the gap time to near, medium, or far using a following gap control on the steering wheel. The feature works in both free-flowing and stop-and-go traffic. 

Front Automatic Braking extends Forward Collision Alert protection by providing automatic last-second braking to try and reduce the severity of a front-end collision.  

Automatic Parking Assist turns on with the press of a button, recognizes an appropriately sized parking spot, and gives the driver instructions so that the vehicle can automatically steer into the parking space while the driver controls the brake and accelerator pedals. 

Electric Park Brake allows the driver to set the park brake with the flick of a button and automatically releases it when he or she accelerates. 


Sturdy, Durable Construction
Chevrolet utilizes high-strength steel and other alloys in our vehicle structures in order to maximize protection without sacrificing weight, performance and efficiency. These high-strength steel safety cages help absorb and channel crash impact energy and direct it away from the cabin and its occupants. Safety belts and other protective features, such as the LATCH (Lower Anchors and Top Tethers for Children) system, help to reduce the risk of injury in a collision.

360 Air Bags
Chevrolet vehicles offer some of the latest air bag technologies, with many vehicles offering 10 standard air bags. A 360-degree smart sensor system, available on select models, ensures optimal air bag deployment and is able to adjust inflation according to the severity of a collision. An industry-first front center side-impact air bag deploys to the inboard side of the driver seat to add a layer of protection between driver and passenger and is available on Chevrolet Traverse.



In the event of a collision, Chevrolet drivers benefit from the safety & support of OnStar with Automatic Crash Response. Built-in sensors can automatically alert an OnStar Advisor, who is immediately connected to your vehicle to see if you need help. Even if you don't respond, the advisor can use GPS technology to pinpoint your exact location and request that emergency help be sent immediately. Most Chevy models come with all of OnStar's features for 6 months. 

And always keep in mind that If you do ever find a mysterious dent, get into a fender bender, or worse, Jeff Gordon Chevrolet's collision center is there for you, offering a hassle-free experience and specializing in repairs for all makes and models. We also have Enterprise Rent-A-Car on site and ready to get you into a rental until your vehicle is fixed! Check out our body shop reviews on CarWise!

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