Wilmington Used Cars

Looking for Used Cars in Wilmington?

Take a look at Jeff Gordon Chevrolet's used car inventory in Wilmington. Our Wilmington used car lot has anything and everything and we deliver anywhere in the USA! Browse our used cars Wilmington right now online and see our great pricing for yourself. We make it worth the drive to Wilmington.

Jeff Gordon's Big Lot, Used Cars for Wilmington

Find a used car can sometimes be a pain, but here at Jeff Gordon Chevrolet we make it a priority. We have a huge selection of used cars in Wilmington at our Big Lot, with over 6,000 used cars to choose from and we can ship it to you! Our selection is like nothing you've seen before and we have a wonderful sales team to help answer all questions you have about the used car you have selected, don’t forget to take it for a spin, test drive all used cars in Wilmington

What Should You Check for Before Buying a Used Car?

  1. Check the exterior for scratches, chipped paint, and rust spots
  2. Look at the vehicle's frame and ensure it hasn't be damaged
  3. Check the trunk for water leaks and wear
  4. Feel the tires for worn treads and feathering, which can be a sign of bad alignment
  5. Check the exhaust system for rust or holes
  6. Pop the hood: hoses and belts should not have any holes or cracks
  7. Look for and ask about engine leaks or corrosion
  8. Pull the transmission dipstick: fluid should be pink or red
  9. Run air-conditioner and ensure it works properly
  10. Note the odometer mileage
  11. Ask about any warning lights on the dash
  12. Test drive the car - pay attention to brakes, automatic gear shifting as you drive, speedometer readings, and cruise control

When in doubt bring someone who knows cars with you when shopping for a used car.

Why do we want to provide you with this information?

Because Jeff Gordon Chevrolet has confidence in our used auto inventory. Our Wilmington dealership thrives because we value providing top of the line products to our customers. Our Chevrolet mechanics take their time inspecting and caring for all our vehicles. So we encourage every one of our customers to inspect our used car inventory in person. When you're ready to come in for a test drive, give us a call at (910) 338-1697. We are your Wilmington used car dealer and we can't wait to serve you, come in today!

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