Electric Vehicle Charging

Flipping the Switch to EV?

Thinking about switching to all electric? With all the new "buzz" on electric vehicles and the latest announcement from GM to go all electric by 2035, surely this thought is crossing everyone's minds. The biggest concern we often hear? Keeping your car charged. Charging and keeping your vehicle charged is a reasonable thing to consider when going electric, but it is nothing to even worry about! Keep reading and let's talk about all the available solutions for charging your new electric vehicle.

Like filling up on gas to make your car, well, go, charging your vehicle requires a different kind of fill-up. With a range of 259 miles, the Chevy Bolt is going to give you tons of miles to spare. And when it comes time to charging, the solutions are as simple as plugging in your smartphone. 

With the purchase of your new electric vehicle, the 120-volt portable charger cord will come with your purchase. This portable cord will allow you to charge anywhere there is a 3-prong outlet. One hour will give you about a 4 mile of range of charge, allowing this to be a great option to top off your charge.

Take Your Charge to Level 2

Level 2 charging is the highly recommended option for those investing in an electric vehicle. This is an available option to upgrade to, allowing you to still charge at home with a 240-volt charging unit that can be easily installed by a GM partnered installer. Installation costs can vary depending on the distance between the electrical panel and the charging station, capacity of the electrical panel, and the cost to obtain a city permit. In the Wilmington area, the average cost is $750-$1,750. Charging as fast as 25 miles of range per hour, the 240-volt unit can cover the average daily commute of 40 miles in under 2 hours. This charging unit is also available at public stations, which is our next topic.

DC Fast Charging

DC Fast Charging offers you an expedited charge while you're away from home, charging 100 miles of range in 30 minutes. This charging option is only available at public stations, which are prevalent and increasingly available day by day! There are many resources to locate charging stations such as www.plugshare.com, but once you purchase a Chevy vehicle, it is highly recommended to utilize the MyChevrolet Mobile App. Available for Apple or Android devices, this app also comes with Energy Assist, which will search for charging stations and plan routes.

All in all, with new technology and the world embracing going all electric, its never been a better time to switch to an electric vehicle. Imagine - no more oil changes, transmission fluid flushes or engine belt replacements - you will be saving time and money. The perks of living electric don't just stop there, compared to a new-gas powered vehicle of the same size, EPA estimates that the Bolt EV could save you as much $5,000 in fuel costs over five years! So, are you ready to live electric?

For more information, check out our latest video about the Chevy Bolt on our YouTube channel.