Selling your car can be a hassle and there are some real horror stories from sellers trying to sell their own vehicles on ebay and Craigs List. Right now, Used Car values have never been higher and Jeff Gordon  will pay you top dollar for your trade. If you own a vehicle that's no longer under warranty or you're downsizing we will buy your car, truck, van or SUV today and hand you a check for the full amount.

Even if you still owe money on your current vehicle, we can pay off your loan and hand you a check. 
Whether you want to use the guaranteed offer as the starting point for your trade-in, or you want to walk away with cash, we offer a safe & secure transaction. Drive In and Cash Out at Jeff Gordon Chevrolet in Wilmington, North Carolina.
Get the full value of your vehicle determined by Kelly Blue Book and get paid today or we'll give you a voucher for the value of your car that you can use as a fair trade-in amount before you go car shopping.

So how easy is it to sell us your car? 

It's Easy as Pie. Here's how it works:
•  The seller inputs information about the vehicle, including the make and model, the model year, major factory-installed options, other upgrades and maintenance information and details about the condition, including any major repairs or accident damage. 
•  The KBB tool will calculate a price based on historical transaction data for hundreds of thousands of vehicles and up-to-the-minute supply and demand information and produce a printable purchase offer. 
•  The seller can take that purchase offer to the KBB Instant Cash Offer location at
 228 South College Road, Wilmington North Carolina  Monday through  Friday  9am - 8pm and Saturday 9am - 7pm.
•  The KBB Instant Cash Offer representative will inspect the car to confirm that it matches the description provided by the seller and then write the seller a check for that amount. 

Have questions about how much your vehicle is worth? Call us at 888-817-5744